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Evolutionary Systems seminars address how leaders and individuals can create productive, innovative and adaptive cultures and organizations. Paired with coaching, think tank discussions, and practice, innovation is unleashed in your organization, increasing productivity and profit - taking your company to the next level.

Our clients and participants work together in seminars and workshops tailored to their specific interests while drawing upon cutting-edge knowledge about how to operationalize change. Activities model the very principles and processes we promote: keeping dialogue open, adapting to changing environments, and fostering new ideas. This discussion and discovery training format offers the opportunity to develop effective strategies, relating to each participant's culture.

Our CxO Forum, a suite of seminars for Senior Leaders, provides an intense learning experience to jump start the innovation process in your organization and support your leaders in this effort.

Currently Offered Seminars:

Principles of Collaborative Leadership
It's no longer enough to respond to change; today organizations must lead change or be left behind. In the constantly shifting marketplace, great companies use innovation to embrace change and thrive in evolving environments. To do this, leaders must turn to collaboration. This seminar covers the basics of the Evolutionary Systems collaboration model, the collaborative leadership model and how to use both models to create adaptive and agile enterprises.

Collaboration: Maximizing Business Value
Do you need to deliver new products or services but your marketing, sales, and development departments are out of sync? As costs increase, you watch your margins shrink and your market advantage disappear with each unnecessary delay. Success in today's marketplace requires collaboration - working across departments and functions with a focus on prioritizing business value at every step, providing cost savings and productivity improvements, and successfully reaching new marketplaces.

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Creating Agile Enterprises
With the principles of collaboration, how do you develop an adaptive enterprise? How are stakeholders involved? Who should be in the room to make the decisions? How are ideas captured and transformed into action at all levels of the organization? These concepts are addressed interactively, tailored to your current environment through this seminar.

Leading Successful Projects in Changing Environments
How can we keep these projects from missing optimal target market windows? How can we make sure the right products are delivered even as the ground beneath the participants change? Successful projects iterate continuously and base decisions on maximizing business value to meet market needs.


"Participating in the seminars gave me a new way of looking at how my organization functions. And it provided a real pathway to unleash the innovation we need. I was able to put many principles directly into practice. The power of this model is that you can start small. Large change is not required."

- VP of Marketing Seminar Attendee

Seminars are taught on demand. Public seminars and workshops offered are listed in the News section and at the Institute of Collaborative Leadership.

If you are interested in these seminars, please contact us.

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