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Our clients are guaranteed complete confidentiality. Some clients give permission to have their story told as an educational example. Some ask that their identities be changed to protect their anonymity. Here are a few examples of the kind of work undertaken by Evolutionary Systems and the results of these efforts.

   The development of a Swiss Electronic Stock Exchange had failed twice before. When Pollyanna Pixton started the organization was missing project leadership and development methodologies, floundering in an environment unable to rapidly adapt to change. She built a culture of innovation by creating an open environment - and as ideas flowed, agile methods emerged. As she mentored project managers through collaboration, they moved into leadership roles. The system performs today and current upgrades are made using agile methods.

   At First Security (now Wells Fargo) Bank's Information Technology division, Pollyanna Pixton detected two major problems: the methodology they had chosen was missing the 'how to' tools and the marketing and development teams had difficulty in communicating expectations and accountability. Within four months she had successfully developed and facilitated the implementation of a methodology for 350 people that is still used today. In the first quarter of use, a 98% on-time completion rate was achieved.

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       At the $20 million mark, many entrepreneurs struggle with the transition to corporate leadership. Evolutionary Systems assessed one technology company to identify the growth paths to reach $100 million, and devloped a plan that included strategic and organizational development, participatory leadership, and infrastructure expansion. Options proposed leadership coordination strategies, streamlining of processes and procedures to maximize productivity, and creation of an open environment to unleash thier talented employees.

      Macromedia product delivery far outreached their abilities and their quality suffered. Their in-house resources were stretched and they needed to give their teams support as quickly as possible. Evolutionary Systems introduced collaboration methods across the enterprise to streamline processes, remove obstacles, and begin delivering the quality their customers demanded.


       One billion dollar company had grown rapidly through acquisitions over two years and needed a way to make decisions and implement strategies across several divisions and several different business units. They needed a way to reach common objectives and meet agreed upon goals. Evolutionary Systems introduced the leadership to the collaboration process, enabling them to develop initiatives, set common goals and objectives, and identify and implement projects and project teams collaboratively and efficiently.       

      When Zions Bank acquired Vectra Bank of Colorado, common infrastructures needed to be developed quickly. Pollyanna Pixton was called in to develop plans to convert large scale systems and detailed processes and procedures for the conversions. She established collaboration processes and simulated "walk throughs" at various stages to ensure a seamless integration of efforts by different teams.       

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