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"... a form of free exchange of ideas and information is of fundamental relevance for transforming culture and freeing it of destructive misinformation, so that creativity can be liberated."

- David Bohm, Dialogue

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What are the critical issues in the organizations where we work? We want to increase productivity and enjoy the work we do. How do successful leaders create adaptive and collaborative organizations? How do we create successful cultures that foster innovation and trust, and encourage creative solutions?

Organizations struggle. People are frustrated and dread going to work. Once there, they feel undervalued, frightened to contribute their own ideas and solutions, and often commanded to perform the tasks their managers think are the right paths to success - and they often miss the mark.

How can leaders create innovative cultures to foster the flow of ideas that result in great products and services?

We bring together corporate leaders, academics, and leaders in the arts, the community, and our political systems to explore these questions. Discussions uncover topics where current directions have faultered or are unclear. Results can be found in the Evolutionary Systems' publications.

To bridge the gap between theory and practice, to develop leaders that will address current issues in our organizations today, to provide successful and productive organizations where people want to work, we begin by asking questions.

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Collaborative Leadership Think Tank

Today, organizations succeed when they are able to rapidly and effectively respond to change. Such organizations foster innovation and creativity to find and implement the ideas needed to reach their goals and objectives. To do this, we need leaders that collaborate. But how do managers make this transition? And how can leaders using the command and control model become collaborative? Meeting twice monthly, these issues are addressed in this lively think tank.

If you are interested in participating, please contact us.


Creating and Maintaining Open Environments That Stimulate Innovation

How can we create open work environments that foster the free flow of creative ideas. Organizational leaders understand that open environments are more productive and therefore more profitable. However, there are many challenges with developing, maintaining and sustaining such environments. This think tank addresses these issues and develops concepts and ideas to assist leaders in their efforts. We explore the questions:
  • Open Environments: What are they? How do you know you have one? What do you need to do to create one?
  • What is the cost of lack of trust? What happens without trust in organizations?
  • Can there be innovation with fear? When you remove fear, will innovation fill the void?
  • How do you know there is fear in your organization? What do leaders do when people in their organizations don't trust each other?
If you are interested in this work, please contact us.

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